Medical-Grade Antibacterial Sanitisers & Hand-Hygiene Products Delivered in the Western Cape

Delivery Policy

From Section 5 (“Goods”) of our Terms of Sale policy:

5. Goods. We sell the goods to you on the following basis:

  1. You will bear the cost and we will choose the way of packaging and delivering the goods unless agreed otherwise;
  2. We will do our best to dispatch the goods as soon as possible after you have placed an order, but we are not liable and you may not cancel an order if we do not do so timeously;
  3. Risks related to the goods pass to you on delivery;
  4. Ownership in the goods passes to you on payment of the fees in full; and
  5. You have the same rights against us as we have against our suppliers in terms of any warranty attached to the goods or imposed by law.

We have tested a number of courier options and found that Fastway Couriers are overall the best option in terms of price & service. No courier company is perfect, but we have tried several companies and Fastway Couriers performed the best. By default, all orders carry one thousand Rand (R1000) insurance.

However, if you wish to use your own courier to collect your order, you are welcome to do so. Full payment must be made before you dispatch the courier. The address & map will be provided to you. We will confirm when the order is ready for collection.

Please note that we are also a customer of Fastway Couriers: We Clean Hands cannot control the delivery process once a courier has collected your order. We’ll do our best to package and address your order appropriately, to prevent damages or delays.

Where possible, we’ll make sure that you receive email updates of the progress of your order. These updates are automatically sent based on how and when the couriers record the progress of your order.

Should you want to know the location of your order, we recommend you contact the courier first and quote your tracking number, which we will provide to you.

Your order is important to us & we’ll try to make the delivery process as easy as we can & will try our best to solve delays as they arrive. However, even if we try our best to resolve any issues, the responsibility ultimately lies with the courier company.

Updated: 1 September 2020

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