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Pack of 10 x Spilpak Paper Towel Rolls


Pack of 10 Rolls

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The Spilpak Paper Towel Roll 10-pack contains ten rolls (70 metres each) of luxurious, highly-absorbent paper towel for use in the Spilpak Paper Dispenser.

Unlike regular embossed 2-ply papers that split, Spilpak Paper Towel are 2 sheets of paper, laminated together to produce a high-quality, strong & super absorbent sheet of disposable & biodegradable towel.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be CLOSED for orders & deliveries from Mon 21 Sept to Mon 5 Oct 2020.

Restocking: delivery delayed by 1 to 3 work days.


This product is designed to be dispensed by the Spilpak Paper Dispenser:
Spilpak Paper Dispenser

Waiting for stock: Avail from 14 Sept 2020

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Spilpak paper also holds the internationally recognised environmental stamp of approval from Ecolabel: the leading environment brand for international manufacturing. The Spilpak Laminate paper does not only delivers exceptional usage but also superior quality. The new 35cm perforated sheets create the ease of dispensing with the Spilpak Paper Dispenser.

  • Contains ten rolls
  • 50mm core
  • 70 meters each roll
  • Sheet Size: 215mm x 350mm
  • Perforated Laminated Embossed Paper
  • Biodegradable

Ideal for schools, creches & playschools, when used in combination with our Spilpak Paper Dispenser!

  • Ratchet mechanism prevents small hands from pulling out the entire roll of paper
  • Spilpak paper is an ideal replacement for cloth towels as it has excellent wet-strength
  • Super-absorbent for spills and bathroom use
  • Easily & quickly removable from wall-mounting, making it practical for portable use
  • Splash-proof design prevents the entire roll from getting wet accidentally

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Spilpak Paper Towel Roll


Pack of 10 Rolls

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